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Review Olleta Bowl 2019 (English)

Last Saturday, May 18 we celebrated in Alcoy the 1st edition of the Olleta Bowl, the First NAF Tournament in the city of Alcoy.

It was a tournament of 4 rounds in which the first tables were fairly even until finally Fran Mutado won the tournament.

This is  how everything happened , please enjoy all the photos of the Event and the details of the Classification categories.


Despite this being the first edition, and the fact that it coincided  with other veteran tournaments, we had 32 participants and very diverse rosters.

Virtually all races were represented by what were very interesting pairings.

Winners and Awards

The best of each race


These are the full details of the final classification of the tournament


Once the tournament ended and the prizes were distributed, 20 different Blood Bowl products were raffled.

Among them a team of Dark Elves painted by the Studio, an Underworld team from Goblin Guild, one from Iron Golem Dwarfs and the exclusive Miniature from the Tournament modelled by Saber Miniatures.

We also raffle:

  • 10 miniatures, courtesy of Star Player and Goblin Guild
  • 3 of our elastic fields, including among them the custom field of the Olleta Bowl in which the final of the Tournament was played
  • 2 of our Actas books
  • A € 30 voucher from Akuma Comics
  • And a new scoreboard of results, which we present in the tournament. We will talk about these in the near future.

Photo gallery

Here are  some more pics of the different rounds of the tournament and its participants

Conclusions and final impressions

We are very happy with the response we received from the participants and fans and we can confirm that new editions will definitely be organised. We hope that little by little the Olleta Bowl will consolidate itself within the national agenda of Blood Bowl tournaments.

Thanks and acknowledgements

Special thanks to Filà Guzmanes for the space provided, service and availability.

Alcoy City Council, especially the Councilwoman María Baca who helped us with many of the procedures of the tournament, as well as advertising it. And he also had the detail of going to greet us and accompany us during part of the event.